Traditional Food Of The Punjab

The Punjab region in India is a place with a very rich history as far as food is concerned. Some of the most exotic, mouth-watering food in the world has come out of this region, both for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. There is truly something for everyone, though it will be important for those who are not in love with spice to be careful. Many of the dishes are rather spicy and will make you want to drink a lot of milk while you eat. There are milder choices, however, so eating the traditional food of the Punjab can really be a new experience every time.

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On the whole, both rice and wheat are utilized as staples in the diet of many Punjabi people. Wheat is preferred as a daily food choice, but rice is often brought out for more special occasions. Both of these things go very well with chicken and spice, two things that make a large appearance no matter the occasion, so the selection makes sense. In most cases, a person who is visiting the region will have no trouble finding either rice or wheat to go with his or her meal.

One popular dish is Fried Garlic Pepper Chicken. The name of this is fairly self-explanatory: It is chicken that has been fried in garlic and pepper. The result is a piece of chicken that is just full of flavor. Both garlic and pepper have very rich flavors that spread readily to other foods, so they will infuse the chicken with this flavor and kick it up a notch as far as taste goes. The more that is used, the more spice there is. People who do not like a strong flavor should probably not choose this dish for their meal.

Another popular dish is Chicken Curry with Tomatoes, also known as Murgha Kari. This is a less spicy food in some ways. More appropriately, it is a food with different spices. The heat is turned down because the substitution of the tomatoes adds a level of cooling. These vegetables taste very good when cooked alongside other foods, taking on some flavors and giving off others. Curry makes everything turn yellow, and has a very particular taste. If you have never had curry before, you should certainly try it. You should know, however, that this dish will have an overwhelming taste of curry -- it tends to drown out all other flavors.

There are many more things that people like to eat in the Punjab. Some vegetarian dishes include Aloo Tikki, Cauliflower Bhaaji, Makki Di Roti, and Navratan Korma. Some sweets, which are used both for snacks and deserts, include Gulab Jamoon, Kaju Barfi, Motichoor Ladoo, and Sooji Halwa. As can be seen, the traditional foods span all of the different genres of food. There has always been a great mix of foods in the Punjab, starting in ancient times and continuing into the modern day. Many meals will be large affairs with a variety of options.

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